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 Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2

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PostSubject: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:00 pm

Hello Ankhies!

Inspired by Plum's Toon Fiction Contest from April, I will be running a Toon Writing Contest from now until the first weekend of October. The grand prize will be 50 gold, a rainbow collection of 15 rare dyes, and a Mini Tybalt figure!

To participate, pick a character of yours and write a short tale about them. This can be about an adventure, a big fight, an exciting buy, a tale from their past, or just a snippet from their daily lives. Please keep all stories PG-13.  Cool

Just in case you're wondering where to start, or want to know how to get an edge, here's some tips that might help spark ideas. Remember these are not rules or requirements; use them to spark creativity, not limit it. All entries will be thoroughly considered.  I love you

1 - Check out Plum's "Toon Fiction Contest" thread, also in the Guild Events forum. There's a variety of unique stories from lots of Ankhies, they are all worth a read!
2 - Explore the world. Guild Wars 2 has a rich and detailed environment, maybe there is a favorite location you would like to share?
3 - Explore your character. Where are they from, what do they like to do? What abilities do they have, what artifacts do they own, what adventures have they conquered? Every character is unique in their own way; this is a chance to show it!
4 - Take your time. The contest runs through a full month to give you time to think about and write your stories. Make use of it!

Entrants will have until the first Friday of October, when the entries will be judged. The winner will be announced on the first Sunday of October, shortly following the weekly lottery.

Best of luck to all of our entrants! I can't wait to read your stories!  cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:08 am

oooo, can I go first? OK, I kept my story within the bounds of PG-13 although I could have had a LOT more fun with it if I hadn't of had that rule to consider. With apologies to Betty, here is my short story:


Chance slowly drifted awake. Oh man, his head hurt and his mouth was dry. How much ale did he drink the night before? Supressing a groan, he focused on trying to remember what happened. He remembered being at the pub having ale with...who? Dang it, he hated when this happens!

It was then that someone beside him moved. Whoever it was snuggled closer and he heard a soft "mmmmm". This coincided with the realization that he was also completely nude. awww hex! Where was he and who was he sleeping beside? Did he dare open his eyes?

Chance's mind started racing. OK, he didn't know where he was, he didn't know where his clothes were, and he had NO idea who's bed he was in. But he's been in worse situations, right? Breathing slowly, Chance thought "OK, whoever she was, she's sleeping on my right side, so all I have to do is carefully start inching to the left until I get to the edge of the bed. And please merciful Six, don't let there be a wall there!"

Slowly and carefully, Chance shifted his body just a few inches to his left. Suddenly from that side, an arm wrapped around him and pulled him closer. He felt what was a decidely female form snuggle into his back and sigh. Sweet Dwayna! He was between two of them!!

OK, it was time to man up and face the music. Taking a deep breath, Chance suddenly pulled the covers up over everyone's head and moved quickly off the foot of the bed. There! His clothes! Grabbing his things, he dove through an open window and into the bushes below. Rolling free, he stood up, picked an open direction, and ran. As he dashed away, he faintly heard Kasmeer's voice, "Jory? Who was that?"
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:47 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:11 pm

PS I will be posting my own little excerpt tomorrow!
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PostSubject: re: toon fiction contest round 2    Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:43 am

For the first few hours of the dream she wandered. Not minding anyone, not talking to anyone, just wandering to find her purpose. When she awoke from the dream she saw many faces that she had seen inside the dream, non of them she remembered as friendly. Not to say they weren't friendly sylvari but to her everyone was against her. In her dream she saw ash, great fields of barren ash wasteland, she also saw how through the ash the lands regrew. So as her first choice out of the dream she became an elementalist. She cared not for the others views on what her visions in the dream meant, only how she interpreted them mattered. So alone she traveled, she learned, and she fought. Until she was once again pulled into the dream. This time she was fully aware. She saw the taint that was spreading through the dream and immediately started to fight against it. During the fight against the taint she saw many visions of many others, some asura, some norn, some charr, and some human, along with many sylvari as well. She saw visions of large scale battles between Bacon and Tofu, much to her confusion. As soon as she left the dream for the second time she was approached by a few of the people she saw in the dream. After talking for a while the people offered an invitation into their guild, Eternal Clarity. Thinking back upon the dream, she immediately accepted, and thus began the adventures with her new family...

How is that for a back story. now i dont know if im a good writer but at least if i enter i could win right?

Account name: bloodyashes

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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:03 am

OK My Turn!. Also way to keep it PG Myron..Grats on that....  Anywho my story starts with a preface. I missed writing this last writing challenge so this is the story of how my cute innocent little birdy. (it was an eagle NOT an owl Strix) got the name Slayer Of Begin ( also to Begin No he's not named that anymore Very Happy. But I want his fame to live on in infamy.

Bryion stood behind the pillar, clutching his axe in a sweay grip. Somewhere in the haze his opponent mocked him, challenging him to come and finish it. He had skirmished briefly with the enemy twice, and got the worst of it both times. It seemed the other woman fought like three and he could never know which way he would come from. He had been badly wounded the second time and now he hid here trying to regain his strength for what he knew would be a last stand.

Ayretac, his faithful companion fluttered up beside him and perched on a small broken ledge. His talons found grip on ivy overgrown on the ledge and his eagle eyes scanned the area in front of him looking for movement behind the other stone ruins scattered around the small grove...somewhere out there hid his Master's prey. THERE! movement!. Ayre fluttered his wings briefly and Bryion, knowing the signal, turned in the direction Ayre faced. He whispered a soft command and Ayretac took off. A human sized shape appeared out from behind the pillar and Ayre dove towards it, going for the eyes, talons extended. And passed right through! he Banked sharply to come up before hitting a pillar. At that moment a cry came from behind him.

A sharp pain hit Bryion in the back and he knew it was over. Somehow it was a trap, some kind of decoy while the enemy snuck behind him. His axe dropped from nerveless fingers and a vague tingle at the back of his neck as he hit the moss covered floor. With the last of his strength he turned his head and saw his enemy standing over him, the finishing blow about to strike Bryion down.

But then, the woman's eyes grew wide and she threw her hands up to cover her face but too late. Nothing could save her As Ayre tore into her with his talons. His master lie dying on the ground and nothing else mattered to him then finishing off the prey. Such was his anger that the woman fell, struck down with the first hit but Ayre kept coming, his rage not sated until the prey was finished. A soft whisper called him back to his masters side. The bird listened carefully to his masters last words.

"This is not the end..only the...begin..ning"
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:56 pm

Okay. Here goes....

Leigh shook her head of the familiar buzz and squinted and the light dissipated from teleporting into Divinity’s Reach. She stepped out from Minister’s Waypoint and spotted a Keg. “Oh good,” she though “just what I need”. Normally she loved Divinity’s Reach, the buzz of people, the elegancy of the city, the life. She had grown up here and it was her home and she was happiest here. But lately she felt tired and old and weighed down with life. Mordremoth spreading his tendril’s throughout Tyria wasn’t helping either. Lately she didn’t even recognize the face that looked back at her in the mirror. She eased her way through the crowds to the trading post. At least she was doing well looting and bringing in gold. She had made a good living for herself. Stopping for some food at the banquet table, and another swig of ale, she made her way to the bank, when someone caught her eye. No, not someone…a god. His bronze skin reflected the sun. It took a minute to register…he was naked. Leigh didn’t know if she should avert her eyes, or keep staring, so keep staring she did. What a six pack! “Eye contact, Leigh!! Make eye contact!!” she slowly brought her eyes up and realized that she had been caught staring at this god/mortal. A warm glow made its way up her cheeks.
“Hi! I’m Naked Spruce”, the godlike man offered his hand. She shyly extended her hand in response. “My friends and I, we like to roam areas of Tyria together, you are welcome to join us anytime”.
Ah! The nudist group. She had heard of them. Even mocked them at one point. The whole idea of running through the world naked had been repulsive and insane to her. But that was before…HIM. Naked Spruce. No!! She would never! It was unthinkable! So politely she bid farewell and went to the bank to finish out business and back to the keg to forget her troubles.
And that was that until two weeks later when she received an invitation from Naked Spruce to join him and his friends in Caledon Forrest for some “naked leveling” as they called it. She immediately discarded the invitation, she would never dream of being seen with such a group. She may have been raised commoner, but she had been raised with pride and self respect. But as the days wore on she felt bored, and restless and needful of a break. She always enjoyed Caledon Forrest, so a few days of recuperation wouldn’t hurt.
She came to Caer Astorea. It was so beautiful here. The green, lush vegetation. The magical essence filing the air. She spotted them below her. They were defending the area from Nightmare Courtier’s. They were laughing and talking and completely inhibited. And they looked SO HAPPY! They didn’t seem to care what others thought. This was a feeling Leigh had never experienced. She was raised to be proper and to fight with dignity. Maybe this was what her life was missing. Spruce caught a glimpse of her and waved her down to join them. She hesitated. Then she started taking off her armor slowly. She was pretty sure her mother was rolling over in her grave right now. Leigh somewhat shyly walked towards the group. Spruce shielded his eyes “Oh my!! Someone hasn’t ever seen sun” and she became acutely aware that she was white as a sheet compared to these brazen bodies around her. Well, what done was done. The damage had occurred. She might as well join them on their adventures.
That night Leigh went to bed in so much pain. She was bright as a Sylvari Mortar Pod and she was sure she would feel the pain for days to come, but she hadn’t had that much fun in possibly her whole entire life. And she knew it wasn’t the last time she would be roaming with the nudist group.
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:07 pm

lol I am loving these stories! Great idea Shana (and yes, you too for the original idea Plum). This is fun, seeing sides of our characters not visible through the storyline or the game gui.

I want more stories! The rest of you need to start writing... Well, except for Betty. I'm not sure we need any stories from the corner. Not with this being PG-13 and all...
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:24 pm

I was tempted to do a continuation of my ele's story, Adriahna Dawn, but I felt that I would write and rewrite and rewrite the rewritten that I felt to take another direction and tell a sort of preface to an Asuran thief by the name of Zane that she'd soon come across in the Mists...

A crack of lightning shot over his head, snapping Zane out of his light sleep. "Freaking Kudu," he muttered as he hopped over to his VAC weather changer. "Ever since he stole my blueprints and made this atrocity, I can't seem to get a decent nights rest." Zane went over to his tools and snagged his hammer. "As my good norn friend Raider says, if it doesn't work, smash it with a hammer!" he proclaimed as he destroyed the device. The device shattered to bits as a Whispers Agent walked into his dorm. "Zane, what in the name of the Eternal Alchemy are you doing?" Zane glanced over, smirked and asked, "What is it this time? Who do I get to hunt down?"

Zane always got antsy when he was delivered a bounty. But it wasn't ever a nervous emotion, it was always one of impatient bloodlust. And he wore that emotion with pride as well as his title, Zane The Baneful. Zane always had a thing for a finely sharpened blade, and he found it easy to get where he wanted to go without being seen. And, with those sets of skills, it became easy for him to become noxious. The College of Dynamics never caught on to the fact that if anyone had ever crossed him, he would manage to find a way to make "accidents" happen. Thus the reason he was personally recruited to the Order of Whispers by the Master himself. It was also a reason why he was recruited for the sole purpose of carrying out the dirty work.

Night had fallen, and there was a thickness to the air that Zane did not like very much. He hated the humidity of the swamps around the south east side of Stonemist Castle. He opened the bounty sent to him by the Master of Whispers himself. Two names were jotted down. "Weird," he muttered. "I rarely see this." He read the names and immediately turned serious. He almost couldn't believe his eyes! Something just had to be wrong he thought. Why would the parents of Adriahna Dawn, one of the best lightbringers in the Order, be written down on this sheet?

"No matter," he muttered under his breath. "A job is a job, and I will not fail."

To Be Continued...

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PostSubject: Hmm...hope I did this correct :o)   Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:26 am

As he walked slowly to the open meadow his one thought was that a journey begins with the first step. This was his first step. A step not into danger or adventure but a step towards knowledge. He wondered, can he consider this his first step when what he was doing was not taking the first step, but rather trying to learn what the first step should be. His head hurt just thinking about it. Thoughts such as this were best left to others who could think deeper and longer then he could. He preferred to action rather then thinking what the action should be. But then, that was why he was here.

He stepped into the glade. The grass seemed somehow greener and somehow smelled fresher. A short distance away he seen the Lady. The words girl or woman did not seem to fit. She seemed ageless, except for her eyes. Her eyes showed age and knowledge. Looking into her eyes you could tell she had seen much and had learned many things from what she had seen.

She slowly turned her head and smiled “And what is it that brings you to my glade?”.

He took a deep breath to calm himself and exhaled slowly. “I seek guidance my Lady. I shall be going on a journey and seek counsel on how to proceed.”

“I have heard whispers of your journey.” she stated with a grin, “ How is it that one such as myself can help?”

“I seek counsel on what to do and how to proceed. The land of Tyria is unlike this land in which I live.”

“Sit” she said. She gently waved her hand. The world shimmered.

He sat and looked around. The world was not the same. Something had changed. The world appeared cloaked in a soft haze. He could not see the far distance anymore. There was only the here.

“Are we in the same place,” he asked “or are we somewhere new?”

“Yes” she answered.

She sat down across from him. As she sat the ground rose up to meet her like a soft chair.

She looked intently at him .“You will be traveling to a land of adventure, of danger, and most of all of imagination. Are you seeking guidance on how you should act or on who you who you should become? Do you seek counsel on what is the reality of your journey?”

He pondered for a moment. “Yes.”

She smiled. Once again she waved her hand and there appeared a small child.

“Take your weapon and kill this child.”

He looked to the lady and he looked to the child.

“I cannot do this thing.”

“Why?” she asked.

“It is wrong. I do not kill for pleasure.”

“You say it is wrong. But how can that be? You seen me make this child, so how can the child be real. If the child is not real then what harm is there in killing a child that is not real?”

He sat for a long time thinking on this. What harm could there be? He reached for his weapon several times but always paused. It did not feel right.

Slowly he voiced his thoughts.

“This child may not be real in my world. But the child is real here. If I were to kill this child here it would change the existence of the child here. However, it would also change my existence, both here and in my other world. The actions I perform in this reality will also have an affect on me in my other reality.”

“You have learned well.” she said smiling.

“Sometimes the line between what is real and what is not can blur. If your actions in a land that we say is not real can affect those in the land that we say is real, then there is no difference between the realities. What you say and do in one, will affect those in the other. You can become what you wish to be. You are like a single raindrop. You can join with others. You can become a gentle spring rain that can help the world grow , or a hurricane that brings destruction. The choice is yours. You will become what you chose to be. Know, however, that what you do affects others. Your actions will affect how others act. Those actions can change how they act towards others, in both realities. It was once said that a person should be judged not by their actions when others are watching, but rather how they act when they think no one is watching.”

He bit his lower lip to help him think.

“What you are saying is that I have the choice to be whoever I want to be. However, the person I become will affect others. Even if this person can be said to be not real he will affect others in a real way. That is how I should proceed. Act as if that which is unreal is real. In that way I will become in the real world what I make myself into in the unreal world, and what I make myself into in the unreal world will help make me in the real world.”

“Yes.” she replied.

She bent over and used her finger to draw in the dirt.

“I will offer this guidance to you.”

She drew an “X” in the dirt.

“This represents you.” She smiled. “You are here.”

Reaching down again she drew a circle.

“This is the world”

She waved her hand and the symbols merged. There was now a circle joined to one of the lines.

“This represents how you interact with the world. Your life. Some call this symbol an Ankh. Let this symbol be your guide.”

She waved he arms and the world once again shimmered.

He heard her laughing with amusement.

“One last thing. If you are asked to answer a question to show your wisdom the correct answer is bacon. Remember...bacon...not tofu.”

The laughed faded. And so did the glade.

Before him stretched the path.

He took the first step.
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:42 am

I am loving these stories! Awesome job everyone!

Here's another one I wrote, just for fun.


The wind whispered her name.

Chance felt her calling to him. He glanced around warily, knowing she was close. But where? His brow furrowed as he focused on the vague feeling of uneasiness.

Moving quietly around the boulders that were scattered around the mountainside, Chance sought his prey. He couldn't afford to show any mercy for he knew none would be shown to him. There were too many hiding spots, too many boulders and stunted shrubs blocking his view and providing her with sanctuary. He must not fail!

Then he faintly heard pebbles tumble off to his left. There! Now he had her!

Moving quickly, Chance vaulted towards the sound. He stopped and quickly scanned the rocks below, desperately seeking her location.

OOF! He felt the air leave his lungs as he was pushed from behind. And as he watched the rocks rush at him, he heard Kitty laughing from above.

Damn her, she got him again....
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:19 am

WOW you guys are awesome!!

here goes.....

All the Ankhies sat around the yarn pit, some on the stone benches, some on the ground. Fergus scanned those gathered for sight of Rubicon and Lala. They were standing by one of the glowing braziers, Rubi talking animatedly to several of the younger lads, Lala, warming her hands and from the way she was gazing into the fire, no doubt thinking.

Fergus picked his way through the crowd to stand by Lala’s side.

“You look like you’re deep in thought,” he said.

She looked up, the firelight reflected in her eyes, and smiled. “Late again, Fergus. You’re just lucky John T’s not here. He’d shoot you with unicorns.”

Fergus leaned in closer. “I just saw John T with the Sisterhood.” Lowering his voice, he added, “Looks like he’s taking a bit of a trip.”

“Where to?”

“I didn’t hear, but Strix and Lisa seemed very happy about it. Some sort of ritual he has to attend. By the sounds of things he’s going for a while.”

Lala clasped her hands in front of her, her eyes narrowing. “And what were you doing that you heard all this?”

“Wrong place right time.” He grinned.

“Chasing after Twinkle, no doubt.” She glanced down, her mouth pressed tight.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just think chasing after Twinkle is one of the more fool things you’ve done.”

“I’m not chasing her. I don’t even like her.”

“Then what are you doing trying to kiss her?” She nodded. “Rubi told me about the dare.”

Fergus frowned. “It’s just a dare, Lala.”

“And I have to wonder why you’d bother with such a thing, especially after all the trouble you landed when you got tangled up with Katrin Lynn. The Brotherhood’ll skin you if they find out you’re trying to get on with their youngest. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s beautiful and every boy in Divinity’s Reach wants to wed her, now would it?” She turned away and took a step towards the stone bench circling the fire pit where scores of charred rabbits, potatoes and bacon were being laid out.

“She’s hardly beautiful; that surly pout she always wears, the ridiculous clothes. She just thinks she’s so much better than any of us. I might not be bred enough to wed her, but I’ll warrant anyone, even me, can kiss her.”

“To what end?”

Fergus shrugged. “To win a dare.”

“She’s not one to mess with, Fergus. She might be pretty and fine and all that, but she’ll take the puff out of your chest if you step to the wrong side of her. Remember who she is.”

“Stop worrying so much. It’s harmless fun.”

She sighed. “No point in this talk. You never listen to me anyway. Are you going to eat?”

“Soon. I’ve got to tell Rubi.”

As Lala picked up a couple of plates from a stack by the fire, Fergus stepped up to Rubi.

“Fergus, glad you could make it.” He winked. “What’s the trouble? You look all grim.”

Grabbing Rubi’s arm, Fergus led him outside the yarn pit. “I just heard John T’s going away for some ritual and from the sounds of things, he’ll be gone awhile. He was eating tofu.”

“Stab me, Fergus, if you don’t turn every little stone into a mountain.”

“I’m not exaggerating. He was stuffing it in his mouth like it was his last meal. It was disgusting to watch.”

Rubi rolled his eyes and lowered his chin, peering up at Fergus with raised brows. “Then you’ve got to tell Brother Will. I don’t know why you haven’t already.”



“No, his. What happens when Will finds out? He’ll be madder than a snake in the fire pit. Besides, I don’t want to risk the consequences. Tofu is one thing, the Brotherhood don’t insist on bacon, but this ritual has me scared. From what I heard, it sounds like some kind of initiation. If he finds out that I know…well, what if they send me away?”

“Well, it stands to reason they would. The Sisterhood are damned secretive. If John T’s a spy, I can’t imagine he’ll let you stay here.”

“I have to figure out a way to go with him.”

“Ferg, I know you think you’re invincible, but you can’t carry the responsibility of the Brotherhood. You have to tell Brother Will. Let him deal with it.”

“What else can I do? Ankh needs John T. I have to make sure he comes back to us. Maybe there’s a reason for all this.”

“I can’t believe you two aren’t stuffing your mouths by now. Are you going to talk all moon’s eve?” Lala said as she approached carrying three plates. She handed one to Rubi and one to Fergus. “Come on, lads. Time for some fun at the end of the workday. Stitch is going to play us some new tunes after supper, so hoe in.”

After supper, Stitch played the flute, drums, bells, piano accordion, harmonica and fiddle (often all at the same time), while Lala, Kilek, Begin, Jay and Scott sang rounds of tunes they made up as they went along. As much as Scott tried to keep up, he was always a beat behind and a tone out, something that would ordinarily have fuelled Fergus’s heckling and jesting, but tonight he kept silent, his thoughts on John T and how he was going to figure out how to go with him. If the Sisterhood had somehow gotten their talons into the old man, it was up to Fergus to get them out.

Tomorrow he would talk to John T, quiz him, see if he might be open to the idea of company. After all, if he had nothing to hide, how could he refuse?

Loud applause disturbed Fergus’ musings and as he looked up he found Lala staring at him, her mouth quirked to one side as she often did when in thought, usually when she was worrying about something. He set down his empty plate and moved across to where she sat.

“Don’t tell me you’re worrying over me again, Lala?”

“Bah! You think overly much of yourself, Fergus.”

“I only assume that since your eyes were on me so were your thoughts. What lies in your mind then?”

She picked at a rabbit bone on the plate sitting on her lap. “I was thinking up a song.”

“Really? Sing it for me.”

“It’s not yet finished.” She tossed the bone into the fire.

“Lala, I know when something’s wrong. What is it?”

She sniffled, glanced up at him, then shook her head. “My thoughts are my own, as are yours. When you share yours, I will share mine.”

“What thoughts have I to share? You yourself often tell me I’m empty-headed.” He grinned.

“Play the fool, Ferg. It becomes you.”

“What have I done now?”

“Nothing.” She looked down and scuffed her toe along the cracks of the flagstones.

“You’ll feel better if you tell me.”

She sighed. “If you must know, I’m disappointed.”

“About what?”

“That my idea of our friendship is not what yours is?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because you tell Rubi things you don’t tell me. And lately that happens a lot. I didn’t use to mind, but of late I see you two go quiet when I come by, talk in whispers away from everyone else. I suppose I feel left out.”

Fergus rested his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Lala.”

She nodded, sticking her hands underneath her thighs as she rocked back and forth. “I know you don’t mean it. You never mean anything. But you do it just the same.”

“It’s just...” Why had he never told Lala? She would never tell anyone, and yet he had always held back. He did know why. She hated tofu. What would she think if she found out he had tried it...twice? The last echoed in his mind. It wasn’t a crime, but he knew it should be. Had others tried it and also kept it secret? “Well, you know me and Rubi. Always hatching a plan. I know you’ll disapprove so I don’t tell you.”

“Is that it? Is that all?”

He nodded. “What else could it be?”

She shrugged.

“I will tell you this much.” He leaned in closer, catching the familiar scent of lilacs that was Lala. “I’m going with John T.”

Lala’s mouth dropped. “You’re not serious?”

He nodded, watching her surprise sour to disapproval. “I just have to work out how.”

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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:07 am

It is SO MUCH FUN to read all these !! Smile

So, this is Chris's fiction...


Think! Wayne struggled to deside on an invention/idea to

present to enter a college. No one has made transporters. Mabye a

Money Fed Transportation Device? He thought and thought. Next day,

he was still thinking. Next week, he will still be thinking. That's that

Asuran do. Think think and think again. Then eventally they'll invent

their thoughts.

"I've got it! A Transportation Device! Now the name. It'll,

hopefull, teleport you from where you are to it. From point A to point B.

So the name should have point." Great. Now I'm hoping Aruma doesn't

point at me and yell. "Point B Transportation Device." He pronounced.

He knew they'd call it something like 'Waypoint' if it went faster than

they expected.

He went to work. Something there, something here. He tested.

"Waypoint," he commanded, "Take me to my bedroom." He held the

mini device in his hand and felt energy. Next thing he knew, he was

shrunk. "Hmmm..." said the now wierd sound of Wayne's voice. "I'll

have to work on that." Weeks past, months past. He tried it again. He

held money out and said "Bedroom Waypoint." The waypoint in his

bedroom teleported him to his bedroom.

"Now," he said, "It's time for a nap." He laid down and rested.

He woke up to find Zojja digging through his Waypoint. Lucky

for me, He thought, I made a spare.
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:07 pm

I hope this is alright.


The smell of roasting meat permeated the air, and a cacophony of noise rose from the nearest bar. Meatober fest was in full swing in the village of Butcher's Block. Somewhere just past the walls, fireworks exploded into fiery blooms of reds, golds, blues and greens. Most of those taking part in the festivities were charr of course, with a few norn from the nearby Wayfarer Foothills showing up to try the ales, and to tempt some charr into a contest of drink. Off in a shadowy corner of the bar one such contest was taking place.

"Barkeep! Another round for me and my friend here!" A black-furred charr shouted as he slammed his fist into the table, tipping over an empty mug in the process.

"Friend? You're not drunk already are you?" the norn quipped with a laugh. The wolf curled up at her feet perked its ears up as a skritt came shuffling over with their drinks, chittering something to itself about shinies.

"Far from it, although I wish you'd leave that mongrel outside, he smells like a wet dog." the charr replied, flipping a silver coin to the skritt for the drinks, who greedily snatched it out of the air chattering, "My shiny!" The skritt scampered erratically around the bar giggling until the grizzled and scarred charr behind the bar growled, "Bring that here, rat, before I roast you with dinner!"

"Mongrel!? Fenrir here is a purebred wolf, I've raised him since he was just a pup, the only mongrel I see here is you," the norn fired back, taking a swig of ale.

"Yeah, well I can still drink you under the table," the charr replied with a growl, drinking double what the norn did. "The name's Thorn," he said as he set the mug down.

"Anja," the norn replied, after matching Thorn's drink.

"I don't know how you norn can stand living in the cold dressed like that, I freeze my tail off every time I have to head through the Shiverpeaks," he said, finishing the rest of his drink in one gulp.

"Haha, I guess we norn are hardier than you charr. I find the cold bracing, and there's no better prey to hunt than the hearty beasts that call the mountains home," Anja said, finishing her drink as well before ordering them another round.

"Hehe, you should try slightly smarter prey, like Flame Legion," Thorn laughed, accepting the drink from the muttering skritt.

They spent the next couple hours drinking and bragging about foes they'd defeated. "You norn can handle your drink- hic!" Thorn slurred drunkenly, "Hows about we change it up? Next round's on me, something you won't find in Ho-hoelbrak, hic!" his head bobbed comically as he hiccuped. Anja's forehead was pressed into the table as she stuttered out, "Y-you're on!"

"Hah! Tha's the spirit! Verk, a couple of your Claw specials!" he announced, hoisting his empty mug in the air before drunkenly smacking it back down on the table, knocking a couple other empty mugs to the floor. "Coming right up, although if I have to throw your drunk butt out of here in the morning I'll have your hide," the bartender growled back, before personally bringing over their drinks. The liquid was a bright red, and Anja swore she could occasionally see some swirls of gold in it, but maybe that was the countless other drinks she'd already had, she wasn't sure. "What...the that?" she asked, speaking slowly to try to avoid slurring her words. She couldn't let the charr know he may be winning this contest.

"One of Verk's secret recipes, bastard won't tell what's in it, but it -hic- packs a kick like a dolyak," he slurred. "Not bad for a Blood Legion drink," he added as an afterthought.

"Blood Legion?" Anja repeated, glancing again at the bright red liquid.

"Hah! Don't worry, the name's coincidence," Thorn laughed, seeing the face she made. "I think anyways, now drink!" he said, raising his mug and downing it in a few large gulps.

Anja tried her best to keep up. "That...wasn't that bad...actually," she muttered as she finished her drink.

After that everything became a bit hazy. Thorn woke up to a sharp smack to the back of the head that, combined with the hangover, felt like he'd been hit by an Iron Legion tank, "Get up before I have to throw your lousy hide outta here!" a disembodied voice said. Thorn looked up, the interior of the bar slowly coming into focus. A few beams of morning light slanted through the doorway, and a large charr was silhouetted against it. After a moment his vision focused enough to recognize Verk. He glanced around and saw a couple others passed out that Verk hadn't gotten around to waking yet, and looked across the table to see that the norn from the night before was gone. "Ugh, wha' happened?" Thorn muttered, shaking his head, and immediately regretting it as the headache multiplied at the motion.

"You got drunk and passed out like the rest of these fools, your norn friend left about a half an hour ago, looking almost as zombified as the Risen," Verk laughed.

"Who...won?" Thorn inquired, still trying to piece together the events of last night.

"Won? Hah, you both passed out about the same time, although you two lasted longer than most of these other fools here," Verk said, gesturing to the other passed out patrons. "Now if you don't mind, I've got a bar to clean and that cursed skritt is nowhere to be found."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going," Thorn grumbled as he slowly got up and stumbled out the door. The glare of the morning sun hurt his eyes, and made his head throb as he looked around briefly, wondering where Anja went. The only people he saw were a few other charr, either passed out in the dirt, or cleaning up from the previous night's festivities. With a mental note to never try out drinking a norn again, he shuffled away looking for a dark quiet corner to sit in for a while.

He never did see that norn again.
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:34 am

I've enjoyed reading the stories. Everyone's done great. And I love the video of Jason flipping the desk.
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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:37 am

What a beautiful night it is Kitty thought as she ran from rooftop to rooftop in a little village called Lions Arch. Spotting one of those pesky little asuran advertising cameras for the game of gw2 she throws a dagger in her general direction, laughing silently to herself as she sees the camera girl fall off. Eventually reaching her destination where she is to meet her contact looking around warily. You never know who would want the worlds best assassin dead. Pulling a well preserved severed head out of her backpack and casting the necessary see through their eyes spell, she pokes it out from behind the edge of the building making sure it is safe.

Walking into the bar she is hit by the melodious sounds of people fighting to the beat of whatever minstrel they captured this week. Ordering a glass of blueberry wine she takes a seat in the corner and watches as her contact approaches. Hello Mrs Kumbata we have a job for you which only  a professional of your caliber can handle. We want you to kill Queen Jennah. We she replies.... trying to gleam whatever info she can out of her contact as she looks steadily into her contacts ever filling fear filled eyes. We as in a secret organization called the Br..... Kitty ducks for cover as a arrow mysteriously appeared in her contacts head. Taking her hand and shaking it she says its a good thing you paid me before this malady came upon you she says cheerily

Running out of the pub hoping to see who might have shot the arrow turned up nothing.... the person was good. Oh well, we will meet again! Heading to the gate she steals a midnight black steed she noticed on her way in and sets out in the direction of Divinity's Reach and the queens palace. The voices in her head keeping her company and wide awake and alert for the trip.

Arriving safely she checks off her kill 50 things in her daily to do list, wondering why the number isn't higher and further wondering how she can get someone top start paying her to kill these things. Shrugging her random thoughts aside she starts to focus and think about her job. After dismissing the thought of killing the queen and using her skin as a queen jennah costume to rule the land she decides to take the palace ventilation route. After waiting for a few minutes she notices a quest person come running up and start protecting the queen. Silently and safely ensconced behind the gate she watches as more and more of the monsters come in and decides to make her move. climbing silently down from a rope she materializes behind the queen and cuts her head off. Raising the head above the throne she tries to pass her voice off as the queens and asks if it is safe to come out.....

Taking the silence as a yes, she is met with the grisly sight of everyone dead except this 1 zombie who is cut and half and wandering in a circle, must be a great hit at parties! Putting the head into the pack she races back to la, feeling the gaze of unseen eyes upon her. Entering the sewers of la, she places the package containing the head into the spot where her contact told her to leave proof. Smiling wickedly knowing the job was done she decides it is time to have fun and find out who these people are that have the first 2 letters of B and R in their name..... Maybe her sister Scarlett could help her she muses. But first some wine and sleep and reminisce about a typical day in the life of Kitty Kumbata.

Kitty Kumbata
mini doom

aka Lisa in real life

special afterthought video treat I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

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PostSubject: Re: Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2   Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:20 am

A bit belated. Sorry!


The fingers of dawn spread leisurely over Divinity's Reach, filtering softly through the glass panes and casting an unearthly glow over all they touched. The irresistible aroma of breakfast wafted through the house, coaxing the sleeping to stir.

Suddenly, there was the echoing sound of hurried bootfalls, shattered glass, and a definite "Ooof!" to follow.

Ithy hastily made her way to the master bedroom, cooked boar strip in hand. She wasn't the first among the household to be alerted, as she found her blonde companion already standing at the threshold. Her eyes alight with curiosity, she peered around the bare back in front of her to see the aftermath.

"...Did it happen again?" Ithy murmured sweetly between nibbles of breakfast.

"This is the third time this week, Kas." There was a rustle of blankets as the raven-haired woman sat upright, noticing the muddy prints scattered over the floor and leading up to the windowsill. "We'll need to get that replaced again," she grumbled.

"It couldn't be the same one, could it?"

Ithy frowned. Then, rubbing the sleep that still clung to her eyes, she slipped into the room and flopped down on the edge of the bed. "I know the war hasn't been easy on everyone, but this transient issue is getting out of hand."
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PostSubject: Naomi's Adventure   Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:22 am

Hello guys! After much consideration I decided to form an entry for this contest, having missed out on the last one.  Here's a little bit of backstory and context for this adventure.  Today, with a little bit of help, I was able to run through a few dungeons with my guildies, and was inspired by the amount of fun I had within to make a bit of a short story to share with the guild.  It had been my first time in a dungeon, and I being there with friendly faces made the learning all the more rewarding, I was able to have fun without being harassed or being called a noob, and it really felt awesome.  I love you guys!  Anyways....

This story is a pretty long one, and it'll be a big read, so beware!  However, its also a bit really stretched.  Most of the dialogue that takes place in this story was never said, but thats what makes a fiction tale so exciting!  Some of the events within the story did not happen, obviously, but that is just a bit of the fun!  Though, I did manage to incorporate some of the characters of you ankhies I ran with, so if you see your name in there, surprise surprise! Theres even a surprise cameo of one of my better friends, enjoy! (I also gave a few characters a bit of 'personality!)

Here's the link to the story on google docs :

NOTE: You will need to use an actual internet browser to view it. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. You cant view it through steam browser or anything like that. enjoy!
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PostSubject: Crow Of Night's RP story (A lot, sorry :P)   Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:52 pm

Since coming out of his pod as a secondborn of the Sylvari, in the dead of night, Crow sought to understand the world. He studied Ventari’s Tablet and agreed with its teachings, yet believed that there was more to it. His Dream was dark, but within a light in the form of a raven glowed, although he didn't know what to make of it. He also saw in his dream many roads and places, each with their own cultures and ways of life. He also dreamed of Caithe, the leader of his house, fighting alongside him.

As Crow walked through the grove, he came upon fern hound, who had also just came out of his pod. He accepted it as his companion, and the dog his master. After all, they were the first beings they had seen outside of the dream. Crow and his first companion, Grendel, came upon the little area he would call home, the terrace of night. It was then thereafter that their close friendship came to be, and their adventure began. As he came upon the Dreamer’s Terrace, another sapling ran up to him and said hello. “I saw you in my dream!” she said, “What’s your name?” Crow told her his name and asked of hers, to which she replied Delwyn. They soon became very good friends and went on to explore Caledon forest together. She was eccentric, outgoing and curious, dangerously so. She was Crow’s opposite yet he found her adorable, and felt that she was the only other Sylvari who cared for him. As time passed Delwyn spent more and more time outside of the Grove. Crow, worried for her, as she was his only friend, went out and searched for her. He found her outside of the Twilight Arbor and she ran excitedly to him when she saw him. “Come Crow, I must show you what I have found!” She had become a courtier, a follower of Nightmare. Crow was cautious and afraid but ultimately trusted her. He learned the ways and beliefs of the Nightmare Court, and although he disagreed with their actions, he understood their philosophy. Delwyn and Crow fell in love and he cared deeply for her, worrying for her deep devotion to the Nightmare Court.

Eventually the time came when he was asked, by Delwyn to swear oath to the Court, and fall into Nightmare. He refused, still holding onto the ideals of selflessness and honor; he would not kill the innocent that dwelled within the Grove. Delwyn was furious and told him if he was not with the Court, he would be crushed like all of the rest. Crow begged her to see reason, to see hope and the love that they shared, but it was pointless, her loyalty exceeded all emotion or logic. Crow escaped Twilight Arbor after hearing of Delwyn’s plan to attack the Grove. He was on his way to meet with the Soundless, as he had nowhere else to turn, when he ran into her. He pleaded to her to stop this but she did not listen, they fought and Crow was eventually forced to kill her. She died in his hands, and his guilt, the guilt of taking a life, the guilt of abandoning the Pale Tree, the guilt of not being able to save his love, was born. As embarrassed as he felt to return, he went back to the Grove, to seek the council of the Pale Tree. She welcomed him back with open arms, but he felt unworthy. Caithe, the leader of his house, tried to comfort him by telling him of her own lost love, who also fell to the Nightmare Court. Crow deeply appreciated this, as he also felt unworthy of Caithe’s company and felt that she was someone he could rely on. After this, he felt ashamed to call Delwyn by her real name, and instead refers to her as his “Nightingale.”

He said his goodbye to Caithe, his last real friend, and she wished him farewell and good luck. With still the upmost respect for the Pale Tree, he took the strongest points of both the Nightmare Court and the Dreamers to build a sort of mixed philosophy. He went to study the ways of the Soundless, who appeared to also have his same solitary nature, but finally left when they didn’t have the answers he was looking for.

After the sorrows he had in Caledon, he moved onward to Kryta to learn of the good and evil of humanity. He visited the grand city of Divinity’s Reach and explored human behavior. He did not understand how one could be so selfless yet another be so corrupt, but then he thought of Delwyn and was saddened to see that loss was universal. He then continued to the Shiverpeaks and learned of the mighty Norn and their hunting skill. He traveled there for a time, finding the mountains and rivers, especially those of Timberline Falls, beautiful. He thought of The Grove and its beauty and the Pale Tree’s as well. He studied the ways of the spirits of the wild. Crow, having heard of Raven, thought back to his dream and the raven he saw within it. He sought out the Havroun of Raven to seek audience and receive counsel with Raven, as he would with the Pale Tree. The Havroun denied this request and so Crow left Hoelbrak. He traveled into the valley of Wayfarer Foothills and just then a raven flew down and perched beside him. Seeing this raven made him think of the spirit and how Raven resembled cunning and wisdom. In his mind he thought “Act with wisdom, but act.”  He then remembered his Wyld Hunt, to explore the world and learn of its ways. To understand it and help it grow, in harmony, through his wisdom from his experience. To defend it from the evils that would seek to end it, such as the Elder Dragons. As he came out of his revelation, he saw that the raven was still there, perched beside him, as if it were counseling him, guiding him. Crow took the raven as his companion and thought of it as a gift from Raven. He named the raven Vale, in honor of the beautiful valley where they met.

Crow is now roaming the world with his two loyal companions. He often visits the Grove and tells stories of the places he has been and the things he has seen. He also communes with the Pale Tree to seek her guidance and apologies. Though the Pale Tree always tells him he has nothing to apologize for, he does not feel that he is a true Sylvari. He leaves as quickly as he came as he still believes in some of the teachings of the Nightmare Court, Soundless and other beliefs. Although he may not participate in some of their activities himself, he feels less than fully welcomed. He enjoys traveling under the stars, living with his two loyal companions.
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PostSubject: The chicken fiasco (part = x-2y+b )   Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:10 pm

I may still edit this as I go but if I do not post now I will forget.

"What do you mean I can not register my guild with the fine band of folks I have here?" I said as I stepped in close to the guild register. I looked them dead in the kneecap then tilted my head back to try and see their eyes. "This just will not do." With a swift kick to the shin and then pooping a clone, as I went invisible, I knocked their other leg out and climbed on their chest to snarl into their face. "I have a story to tell about this fine band of warriors and the battles we have fought, and friends we have lost" I growl, showing off my pointy fangs in a rictus filled with menace.

It was 2 months ago, we were fighting two nasty bands of invaders. I had heard the siren call of battle to defend my realm and joined up with a ragtag group of fierce fighters. Our enemies were fierce and looked similar to us but we could not communicate with them except through gestures and occasionally dance. While running a resupply mission into the tangled depths of the Obsidian Sanctum we met disaster. We had just entered the dreaded dark room when everything went sideways, Giggles got taken down by a meteor shower, Limps took an arrow to a knee just before a giant wolf attacked them and both went down off the beam we had been using. I threw away my torch and started sending out some clones. Our Warrior, Silver Moon, a tank of a woman, bashed the nearest enemy with her shield and leapt over two more and disappeared into the dark fighting. I was alone and doing my best to dodge, blink and fight back. Suddenly I was backstabbed and fell to my knees, falling slowly off the beam into the dark below. I still do not know what saved me, but I heard the last cries of my team as they all went down, while I fell into the darkness.

When I regained my senses I was on my back in pitch dark, confused, and alone. I could hear the jingle of armour and rustle of leather boots well above me so I silently worked my way to safety. I found a hole in the wall and after a bit of painful wiggling I squeezed my way in. Finally I was safe, or so I thought. I had been down there for an unknown amount of time when I suddenly sensed I was not alone. Feeling something sharp and pointed press against the back of my thigh, then my neck, then in the small of my back, I froze daring to not even breath. Slowly, with my hands up, I turned around and could make out the occasional shine in dozens of eyes as some torchlight fell from high above.

I will not go into great detail about what went on but suffice to say, this odd, silent group of folks seemed to be willing to follow and help me seek vengeance on those who had harmed me and my party. I trained them and we hatched plans for our attack. Maybe we had all gone a bit mad in that dark hole but we knew we could not stay there and the only way out was up. After scratching in the dirt and feeling out the grooves we had a plan ready and crept our way out and back onto the upper levels. Our first battle was a small party we found. We quickly attacked dropping them easily. My new allies were wielding some sort of sharp dagger and claws it seemed from the wounds they inflicted. I did not hesitate as these folks were stone cold, silent, ruthless killers with a penchant for leaving packages on the bodies of the fallen. We burst forth from the dark room like a deadly storm, felling anyone who dared to get close. We fought our way back out, gathered supplies, and then roamed the lands just looking for battles and enemies to vanquish. We had more join us and eventually I took to weaving hats for the distinctive members to wear, promoting them. Clucks, Winky, Scrambles and Patches were some of my best lieutenants, and still are. We lost many along the way and regretted every fallen comrade but we did our job, defending our lands from the voiceless invaders.

"So here I am now, back among civilization and us that are left have a bond, a deep battle hardened connection and want to stay as a group. Meanwhile you in your clean untarnished armour, having never drawn sword are telling us all we are not worthy of being among one of your mighty guilds? Claiming we are what? Too barbaric? Too unclean? Too uncontrollable?" I say as I lean in close and glare into the eyes of the Guild register.

He starts to stammer as he looks behind me as my army of comrades then back at me, "Umm Mr Rubicon, Sir. The problem is out of my hands, It clearly states that chickens are not allowed to be guild members."

I lean back puzzled trying to figure out what the man is talking about, maybe I addled his brains with that knock down. "What are you..." Suddenly I am seized from behind and lifted. The last thing I recall hearing, before the truncheons came down, was "Take him away and somebody get rid of these stupid chickens. What is with these grass party hats?"

IGN - Rubicon Eldrich
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Toon Fiction Contest, Round 2
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