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 Guild Events and Reputation Points

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PostSubject: Guild Events and Reputation Points   Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:58 am

Hiya Ankhies!

As most of you know, Anet has released these new "Guild Missions" for the guilds to complete to earn rewards for both the guild and the members that participate. If you haven't looked at the rewards yet can see the list at for the things you can turn in the Guild Commendations for.

We will be listing the the weekly events on the Announcements tab over on so you can plan your calendar if you'd like to participate.

We have started the first of 5 different guild missions that will be available for guild members to do. In order to unlock the remaining four mission types though, we are going to need Guild Influence Points - a LOT of them! What do I mean by a lot? Over 300,000 points total.

In order to earn that many points, we are going to have to make sure that we as players do some very simple things. BTW, this info comes from wiki and it could change but this is what we know right now.

First, represent the guild. But more importantly, you have to be representing Ankh WHEN YOU LOGIN. It works like this:

You login to GW2 and pick a character. The guild that you are representing with that character, at the moment you login, gets credit for you logging in. After you login, if you switch guilds, the second guild does not get credit. This resets every 24 hrs. So if you login 3 times that day, on the same character, only the 1st login counts. The timer resets after 24 hours, NOT with the daily reset. You can do this with up to 5 characters every 24 hrs. So if I login on 5 different characters today and I'm representing Ankh when I login with each of those characters, I give Ankh credit for 5 logins.

It's important that you switch to which guild you're representing before you logoff if you want to make sure the login credit the next day goes to that guild.

Second, team up! Every time you go do an event in the game, the guild you are representing when you do that event gets credit for it. It doesn't matter if it's Shatterer or the Battle Pits or whatever, as long as it's an event. If you do that event solo representing Ankh, then Ankh gets 2 points. BUT, if you team up with another Ankhie so there are two people representing Ankh for the event, the guild gets 20 points!

Sadly, 20 points is the max we can get from a single event so no, we can't take 5 two-person teams to an event and rack up points that way. But if you're going to do an event, take an Ankhie with you!

When doing dungeons, the guild gets 10 points for you completing the dungeon. But again, they reward guild parties so if there are 3 Ankhies together who complete a dungeon, then Ankh gets 100 points. So try and make sure there are at least 3 Ankhies together anytime you're going to do a dungeon.

PLEASE NOTE: Fractals do NOT give the guild any credit. Those are not considered guild events or dungeons for Guild Reputation points purposes.

There are also ways to "buy" reputation points for the guild but please, we don't want any guildie doing this out of obligation. Only do these things if you're comfortable doing so and if you WANT to.

Black Lion Chests

There is a chance you may get a small, medium, or large "Guild Discovery" from a Black Lion chest. They're worth 50, 100 or 300 points. The guild you are representing when you activate the discovery will be the guild that gets credit for it.

Letter of Commendation

These are worth either 400 or 1000 points. You will get these from either completing your personal story line (you get a 1000 point one at the end of your personal story line; the 400 point one you get earlier after you retake Claw Island if I remember correctly) or you can "buy" them using either the Guild Commendations you earn from the guild missions or with Laurels you earn from doing the Dailies and Monthlies. I'm not sure how many Commendations it takes but I know you can get 2 Letters of Commendation (worth 2000 points total) by trading in 16 Laurels.

Please think carefully before you trade in either your Guild Commendations or your Laurels for these letters though. There are a lot of good items you can get instead of those letters. Please make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work instead of just buying guild rep points.

The other way is to buy points from the Guild Promoter inside each city. Again, this is an expensive way to get points so think about it before you do it. If you choose to though, you can points at these levels:

10 points for 2 silver
100 points for 20 silver
1000 points for 2 gold
10000 points for 20 gold

As you can see, buying the points is not cheap. We'd much rather earn the points than buying them simple because we don't want Ankhies spending their money.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please feel free reply or speak with any of the officers in-game.

Thank you to all for supporting Ankh!

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Guild Events and Reputation Points
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