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 My unofficial "Keep in touch" thread

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PostSubject: My unofficial "Keep in touch" thread   Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:24 pm

I've been noticing some people have not been able to get on as much as they used to, or cannot seem to play at all. I'm not intending this thread to be any kind of harbinger for what may come to be for Ankh, and I'm not saying I'm leaving, but I figure if I wait longer, we could miss more opportunities if something does happen. And I've lost contact with some good people in the past from this.
Anyway, this is for anyone who may want to keep in contact, or just say hi. Or if GW2 ever hits the wall, it can be that "Oh hey, where are you? Everybody's playing the latest so and so game! Come join us!" kind of thing.
So I'd like to throw a few things out there and maybe others may want to follow. But if you ever want to get me for any of those above reasons, my e-mail is Let me know what that next game is that everyone's moved on to, or what ever! My PS4 handle is kaegen12. You may find me there a bit soon, as I've pre-ordered Rise of the Tomb Raider. I can't wait for that one!
So why haven't I heard from you yet??
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My unofficial "Keep in touch" thread
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