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<3<3<3 Thank you to everyone for being so generous in helping us build our Guild Hall to the max!!! <3<3<3

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 We're close to being finished!

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PostSubject: We're close to being finished!   Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:02 am

OK folks, we are sooooo close to finishing the guild hall upgrades. We have now completed the Mine, The PvP Arena, and the Workshop.

We have only ONE upgrade left for the Tavern but for that we're going to need approximately 150 Potions of PvP Reward.

After that we'll just need to finish the WvW portion of the guild hall. For that we're going to need a variety of different types of paper and a lot of wood.

If you check with the Guild Treasurer, you can see what we need and how many of each item.

I also hope everyone is taking advantage of the rewards we're getting from these upgrades. Some of them include:

Synthesizer Nodes: Farm these every day in the guild hall for a variety of mats.

Boosts: Talk to our bartender to get a boost that lasts for 24 hours. You can have one active at a time and include such things as XP +10%, gathering boost, karma boost, etc.

Decreased WP costs: You may not have noticed but we're all getting a 10% decrease on the cost of way pointing when you rep Ankh. Our final Tavern upgrade will increase that to 15%

And others but I'm running out of time and have to go to work.

Thank you for all the donations you've made to upgrading the guild hall. We have just a little more to go and we'll be finished!! Woohoo!
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We're close to being finished!
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