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 So I hear you like Bacon... Carbonara!

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PostSubject: So I hear you like Bacon... Carbonara!    Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:27 pm

Aight, this is one of my favourite things to make.

Things you need:
1 Pound pasta - I recommend Rigatoni similar large noodle. Smaller things don't hold the sauce as well.
1 Pound bacon (also, save 4 tbsp of the grease)- Yeah, you can use turkey bacon, but it doesn't taste right. I've also done a small batch with that heretical fake bacon, and it was edible.
6 egg yolks - Go make a meringue pie with the whites
1 pint heavy cream
1 stick butter
1 large glob garlic - do this to taste. I recommend 4 tbsp of garlic or so. Can do more, can do less.
Onion if you like it, can use powder or real
Red pepper - a few teaspoons, if you like it, if not, leave it out.
Cheese (Italian), 12-16 oz, your call
Vegetable - I like to toss frozen peas into the pasta about 2 min before you drain it so they thaw. Can use whatever you'd like, just insert it into the recipe.

Step 1: Cook bacon, then crumble it. Save 4 tbsp of grease
2: start boiling pasta
3: cook garlic in some of the butter, however much just covers the bottom of your saucepan, with onion, red pepper, any other spices you feel like adding.
4: once garlic is good (aka you can smell it, and its not burnt) add remainder of butter, 4tpsb bacon grease, and cream. Let it simmer, DO NOT BOIL Mix well. Add bacon crumbles to sauce
5: This is where things get tricky this all has to be done rapidly.. Remove sauce from heat. Pasta should be done by now, drain it quickly and completely. Return it to its pot, then whisk the egg yolk into the sauce. Pour sauce on pasta, and stir rapidly. What you are doing is cooking the egg with the heat from the sauce and pasta. If the sauce is boiling, you get scrambled eggs and sauce. If its too slow it doesn't cook all the way. Keep stirring until the sauce is more or less all attached to the pasta.
6: Now, if you like, you can add some italian cheese to taste, mix it in as well.

Yes, this will likely take a year off of your life. But its tasty.

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PostSubject: Re: So I hear you like Bacon... Carbonara!    Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:15 pm

Mouth watering....Who wants to live forever anyway pig
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So I hear you like Bacon... Carbonara!
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