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 So you want to try a Raid....

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PostSubject: So you want to try a Raid....   Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:30 pm

Greetings Ankhies!

So you have a level 80 toon. And you have spent the time getting end game weapons and armor for it. You've explored Tyria, Killed dragons, and lounged in Ankh's guild hall. Now it's time for something new: Raids!

How do you do a raid?

Well there are many ways to approach this. Raids are meant to be end game content... CHALLENGING content. Not the kinda content you try and tackle in one night. It's the kinda content you work hard, struggle and suffer for. It's the kinda content that demands you adapt to it. Anet designed raids to be hard. Because of this: They are not for everyone.

So you decided you are up for the challenge and want to try a raid... Now what?

Ankh currently has two different raid teams led by officers. Both teams offer a different approach to the raid, and both teams have different expectations. You must find what fits you the best.

Raid team officers:

Team #1: Betty (Taskforce)
Team #2: Exempt Warrior and Khaos Unbound

You will find in this thread forum posts on both these teams. Check them out. Read what they expect and pick the team that suits your needs the most. The officers leading the both teams are skilled, patient and helpful. Once you have decided which team you might want to join talk to these officers to find out if there is room for you.

And remember... when all else fails.. throw tofu at the Veil boss.  What a Face
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So you want to try a Raid....
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