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 Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.

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PostSubject: Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.   Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:59 pm

Raiding with Ankh

Shana and I are not the only raid leaders , Brad and Khaos are also doing raids. Their raids are a bit more casual and can be more suited for people  that wants to have a taste. Their approach is a bit different.

Below is what to expect with Shana and I.

Every Saturday @ 3-6 EST Please be on time as most likely, everyone will be waiting for you. I understand life can be unexpected but please try to.

Use this tool to figure out your time.
Hi Ankhies,

   As many of you know, we’ve begun buckling down on raids recently. Over the past couple of weeks we have watched our raid team grow significantly, both in size and in skill, and we are pushing ever closer to our first victory. In doing so, we’ve come to understand what is required of us to be successful at raids; top-notch mechanics, solid gear, optimized trait choices, and a team-focused raid composition. We have learned that even the earliest parts of the raid require the absolute most from every member of the team.
   As more players show interest in joining our raiding teams, we find that it’s helpful to have a clear list of requirements for potential raid members to aspire towards. Fulfilling these requirements will significantly improve, if not guarantee, your chance at joining us for raid victories. While we seek to include as many members of Ankh as possible into our raids, we need to know that you have the drive it takes to see it through with us, and meeting these requirements helps prove that you have what it takes.
   We’ve seen a lot of interest from many players of Ankh who want to experience raids, which is wonderful. Having guild full of players eager to see us through the raids is an amazing feeling, and I know this feeling resounds with our leaders as well. The sort of teamwork and willingness does, in my opinion, represent what Ankh is all about. What we are seeing in raids is the greatest challenge of teamwork ever devised for the Guild Wars 2 experience, and watching Ankh rise to the challenge is an amazing process. We hope to see you all experience victory alongside us as we prove what Ankh is truly capable of.


The Vale Guardian Raid Requirements
   Following is a list of requirements that all players who want to join our raid teams should meet, regardless of their role in the party.

Ventrillo – All raid members will be required to be present for listening in Ventrillo. Important instructions and callouts are relayed from our raid leaders through voice chat, and acknowledging them is crucial to our success. No microphone is needed; in fact, we prefer that mics stay silent during the fight so we can hear important information. Feel free to chat in-between battles!
   The guild’s Ventrillo information is here:
   If you have forgotten your login information, or need an account setup, contact our guild leader Myron and he will help you when he is available.

Gear – In gearing for the raid, DPS optimization is absolutely key. This optimization starts with your gear. For a successful raid, it’s imperative that all members have Ascended trinkets and weapons. Having Ascended armor as well is a huge bonus, and every member should be working towards that for future raids, however it is not a requirement for getting started. Remember that Ascended items can be traded across characters, so if you have good items on a character you’re not using for the raid move them over until we’re finished. You can always move them back.
   All player’s gear should be at least 70% DPS-focussed. For a brief list of which stats meet this requirement, look at this chart, and choose options above the 70% mark.

Traits – Along with gear, our trait lines must be DPS focused. Every consistent raid member will go through a DPS Check and DPS Optimization to ensure they are using the best traits to the best of their ability. Your trait line outside of the raid is of no consequence, we only ask that you change to a DPS setup at raid time.
   Using a meta build is the easiest solution to DPS concerns. For a list of tried-and-true meta builds, check out:

Raid Preparation – The last thing we look for in an individual is their personal preparedness for the raid. Have you read up on the fight, or watched videos of successful runs to know what to expect? Will you bring your own raid-ready food? Have you made time in your schedule for an uninterrupted three-hour event? Do you have Ascended gear, and if not, are you working towards it? Have you read this document in full and added the words “I love Tofu” to your raid application? Are you willing to invest money in runes and sigils to maximize your performance?
   While all of these things may not be required to run with us, we will definitely consider all of these factors when forming our team.
   For a detailed guide to the steps of the raid, as well as some food options and other factors to consider, check out Dulfy’s guide here:

Raid Composition
The next thing we consider in forming weekly raid teams is where you can fit into our party. While we want to take everybody, we are limited to 10 party slots and our composition is a must. Therefor, being able to fill a specific role well helps to guarantee your spot on the weekly teams. If possible, having characters geared for multiple roles will improve our chances of forming a team, which in turn improves your chances of coming along. Here are the roles we need to fill every week:
   Tank (1) – The Tank must have a higher Toughness than the rest of the party, and for this reason is excused from the 70% DPS requirement. However, they still must get as close to this requirement as possible. Ideally, most of the raid team will have very little Toughness, allowing the tank to focus on damage more; for every other member that brings Toughness-related gear, the Tank has to sacrifice DPS to continue doing their job. Currently we have 2 solid tanks plus backups. We do not need more at this time.
   Healer (1) – The Healer must be geared in Zealot’s. This is the only way to maximize DPS and maintain a suitable Healing Power. Because of this strict requirement, finding good healers is rare. Currently we have only 2 players geared for healing. We could use more Healers just in case, as the raid cannot reasonably succeed without one.
   Boon Stripping (1) – The Boon Stripper is tasked with removing an immunity buff from a certain boss. The Boon Stripper must be a Chronomancer who can use a 1h sword. Currently we have 1 solid boon stripper, and several others eager to fill the role. We do not need more at this time.
   Boon Support (2-3) – Our Boon Support team is tasked with maximizing both personal and party DPS through buffs applied to the raid team. This is essentially a DPS role. Phalanx Warriors and Heralds are by far the preferred choice here. Our boon support is currently lacking. We eagerly seek geared Heralds.
   Condi DPS (2) – Our Condi DPS team has the task of working with each other to fell a boss without any outside help. The boss can only be damaged by conditions, meaning that a build which emphasizes condition damage is a must-have. Hybrid condition builds need not apply. We regularly find that this role is the hardest to fill. If you can do this well, we probably need you.
   DPS (1-2) – Anyone not in the above list falls into this category. The DPS groups’ job is to supplement everyone else with the most damage output possible. Because they fill no other key role for the team, the DPS group is often tasked with chasing green circles, so having some level of mobility and/or ranged damage helps (though primarily melee damage is ideal). This is the most common role and should only be filled by players who can output the most DPS for their class. If we have to choose between multiple DPS roles, we will always choose the player that is proven to perform best.
   Hybrid (0-1) – Hybrid builds traditionally feature less than 70% DPS focus. At absolute most we can accept one hybrid player who is built to apply pow damage, high crit, supplemental conditions, supplemental heals, and maintain DPS at range in order to chase the green circle mechanic AND who has full ascended gear with optimized runes and sigils. Very few classes feature this flexibility, and we will be unlikely to take someone along for this unless all other aspects of the raid team are suitably filled. Note that Rampager, Sinister, Viper, and other similar 100% DPS stat sets are –not- considered hybrids for this purpose, and will be accepted into the DPS role. Currently we have 1 Hybrid player who is filling gaps until our raid composition is solid; once this happens, they will switch to a more focused role. We will not be accepting more Hybrid builds into our raids.

Raid Application
   In order to be considered for raids, we expect every interested player to fill out an application each week expressing their interest and explaining what they plan to bring. Players who do sign up always get priority over those who do not. This helps to ensure we have a clear list of who can come to the raid and what they are bringing, and alleviates last-minute planning scheduling.
   When filling out the form, express what portions of your gear are Ascended and which are Exotic. If all of your gear is one stat type, simply stating that type is sufficient; if your character features mixed stats, we must know which pieces are what stat. Traits are expressed in roman numerals, starting from top to bottom, left to right. An example application will be provided at the end of this post.
   Copy and paste the following application into a reply, and fill out all relevant details:

Raid Application:
Account Name:
Character Name:
Intended Role:
Will you bring your own food?
Have you watched Vale Guardian raid videos, or read in detail about the fight?
Do you have Ventrillo installed and are able to access the Ankh raid room?

Are there alternate characters you can bring?
If so, please attach their details.

Example Raid Application:
Account Name: Abellus
Character Name: Allahandra Theosin
Class: Guardian Dragonhunter
Gear: Ascended Celestial + Ascended Zerk Trinkets
Traits: Radiance II, V, VII; Virtues I, IV, IX; Dragonhunter I, V, IX
Intended Role: Hybrid DPS
Will you bring your own food? Yes.
Have you watched Vale Guardian raid videos, or read in detail about the fight? Yes.
Do you have Ventrillo installed and are able to access the Ankh raid room? Yes.

Are there alternate characters you can bring? No.

In Closing:
   I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time in reading these requirements to ensure they are prepared for raids. If you make meeting these requirements a goal, you can be confident in knowing you are ready to join us and see our guild to success.

P.S. – As an extra bonus for our attentive readers, I have intentionally made one key mistake in my raid application. The first 5 people to send me an in-game mail with the mistake will receive 5 gold each.
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PostSubject: Re: Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.   Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:55 am

Again with the Saturdays. I love to hate you, Betty <3 <3 <3
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PostSubject: Re: Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.   Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:46 pm

Very nice Betty. I hope to be able to get out every time and if something comes up I will do my best to let you know well in advance. Thanks for the great info and hopefully we can beat this boss soon. Smile

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PostSubject: .   Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:54 pm

Account Name: Siggy
Character Name: Siggy Necro
Class: Nec
Gear: Valk
Traits: meta
Intended Role: dps/strip
Will you bring your own food? yes
Have you watched Vale Guardian raid videos, or read in detail about the fight? i have beat it and gors.
Do you have Ventrillo installed and are able to access the Ankh raid room? yes

Are there alternate characters you can bring? no
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PostSubject: Re: Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.   Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:08 pm

Im often busy on Saturdays at this time but when I do have free time then ill let you know Smile

Account Name: Wing
Character Name: Wing Ranged Ninja
Class: ranger
Gear: (for dps)full ascended zerk, (for healer) full zealots amour + staff + cleric rings, rest zerk
Traits: (dps) skimishing I, IV,VII beastmastery III, V,VIII Marksmanship III, IV,VII. (healer) skimishing I, IV,VII Wilderness Survival I, V,VII Druid II,V,VII
Intended Role: dps or healer
Will you bring your own food? Yes
Have you watched Vale Guardian raid videos, or read in detail about the fight?yes
Do you have Ventrillo installed and are able to access the Ankh raid room?yes

Are there alternate characters you can bring? I can bring phalanx war but gear no where near as good

im not adding those words... bacon is love, bacon is life

as for my build and stuff im always willing to switch it up and try out different set ups Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.   

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Raids Raids Raids, Read If You Want to Do Raids.
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