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 Ley-Line infused tools

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Reeshi Chijo

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PostSubject: Ley-Line infused tools   Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:51 pm

A quick call out, we need Ley-Line Infused Tools!  bounce  

These tools are part of the requirement to increase the Guild Hall Mining Rate.  Mining Rate is a core upgrade to a guild and contributes to all other upgrades by mining Aetherium faster.  Currently we are working towards Mining Rate 4; which needs 100 total tools to be upgraded.  There are two more Mining Rate Upgrades. These will require an additional 350 Ley-Line Tools for the two upgrades.  The trick to these tools is that they require a Charged Quartz Crystal which you are allowed to make only one a day.  With this time gate you can see how slow of a process this will be for only a few people.  

Ultimately we need Ley-Line Infused Tools. These require lvl 400 in Weaponsmith.  If you are unable to craft these but would like to help, please consider making Charged Quartz Crystals and sending it to one of the leads of Ankh.

In order to make one, you will need 25 quartz crystals in your inventory and go to a "Place of Power" to change them into one Charged Quartz Crystal.  There are a few "Places of Power" in game; the one I find very easy to use is the Krait Obelisk Shard in my Home Instance.  Be sure to have the crystals in your inventory; the Obelisk does not recognize what you have in your Bank.  If you don't have this in your Home Instance, there are other places as well; easily found via Wiki.
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Ley-Line infused tools
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