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 Guild Scribe: just what does it mean?

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PostSubject: Guild Scribe: just what does it mean?   Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:30 pm

Greetings everyone!  We, the Leads, feel it’s very important to make sure you all know how the Scribe profession works, it’s place in Guild activities, and why is there a dedicated Guild Scribe.  Before I dig into the material, let me first say,  “Thank you everyone for your generous donations, it simply couldn’t be done without all of your contributions.  Thank you so very much!”   cheers

Okay, onto the explanations.

What Is The Scribe Profession?
• Scribe is a guild crafting discipline that is accessible from the Workshop in guild halls.
• Scribe trainers become available from within a guild hall.
• Scribing goes to level 400.
• Scribes are intended to manufacture items for the benefit of the guild, not the individual.
• Except for components, most manufactured items are put into guild storage, not a player's inventory; the Scriber does not receive these items and
  cannot sell them.
• Most recipes must be unlocked in various guild hall buildings before they may be used

What Does A Scribe Contribute To The Guild?
• Create schematics.  A schematic is a diagram or plan needed by a scribe to manufacture a consumable that must be individually unlocked and is placed
  into guild storage.
• For PvE, the Scribe can create banners and consumables.
• For WvW, the Scribe can create Improvements, Siege Plans, and Tactics. Improvements are passive defenses that are placed into the War chest to be
  used during Guild Claiming.  Siege are used to capture objectives. Guild siege equipment is equivalent to superior siege equipment, but requires less
  supply.  Tactics: are active defenses that are placed into the War chest to be used during Guild Claiming.
• Guild decorations can only be made by a Scribe.  These decorations can also be used in the Guild Arena to create unique PvP layouts.

Where Do The Scribe Creations Go?
• All finished items/schematics created by a Scribe are placed in the Aetheric Assembly Device and enter one of 2 queues, PvE or WvW, to be assembled.
• After being processed at the Aetheric Assembly Device they are automatically placed in Guild Storage to be used at a future date.
• Resonance can be used to accelerate schematic processing at the Aetheric Assembly Device.
• Please note, that many of the items currently in our Storage are transitory.  Many of those decorations will be taken back into Scribing and used to
  create “the next level” item.  Don’t get too attached to that bookshelf; it’ll likely be taken back down and used to create a library bookcase.
• The Scribing process does not leave you with the lower level decoration as well as the new one.  The lower level item is consumed in the creation

Ankh’s Plan of Attack

• We decided the Guild needed to have a dedicated Scribe to provide continual support of the Guild’s needs.  
• To ensure Ankh would always have its Scribe, we decided the Guild Scribe needed to be one of the Guild Leads.  This would ensure all of the hard work
  and very generous donations would create a Guild Scribe that would never leave the guild.  I (Will) am the dedicated Guild Scribe (in game character
  names will be provided below).
• We quickly realized Scribe is a Guild activity and have been seeking donations from guildies.  There are too many material requirements for this to be
  one person’s effort.
• The message of the day will be updated with some of the most needed Scribing materials.  This will change as the Scribe level increases as well as
  which item/schematic is desired to build for the Guild.
• We also plan to create a forum page dedicated to great farming spots/treks.

What’s Needed?
Rightly so, we are often asked, “What’s needed?”  Sadly, the truthful answer is close to simply saying, “Anything and everything.”   More and more information is becoming available on the forums and Reddit.  However, for every piece of new information, more questions arise with no input from Anet.   Very little is known about Scribing.  There are huge holes in the available online information as well as what materials are available in game.  Determining the needs of a Scribe has been an ongoing process as I work through the levels.    

Like any other profession, Scribes move up through the levels by crafting materials and gaining XP.  Lowest levels using T1 materials up to T6 materials being used at level 400.  As I increase in levels, the material needs will increase in their levels as well.  This isn’t a surprise.  However, what is a surprise is the sheer amount of materials required to produce these items.  

Creating an item is much like being a Chef in Guild Wars.  There is a lot of repeating base ingredients that you make into “mid-level base ingredients,” which are then used to create the item.  In many situations, this newly created item will then be required to create future items.  This situation creates a huge demand on resources, since you are creating multiple “crafting materials;” duplicating them to create the finished single item.

The following example is taken from my current level of 211:  Let’s make a consumable; the “Thesis of Studied Accuracy.” Required rating of 200.

Fine Book, Fine Scribing Kit, 3 Writs of Studied Accuracy, and 4 Seasoned Wood Planks (sounds simple, right?  Just wait and see  Shocked )
• This recipe has many sub-recipes.  Each sub-recipe has its own material requirements which may include further sub-recipes.  An example of this is
  that each Writ of Studied Accuracy also requires the “hidden cost” of another Fine Scribing Kit.  Instead, of creating an exploding diagram showing the
  path of all materials, I’m only going to list all of the individual base ingredients required to make this one item.

Materials required:
  Seasoned Wood Logs  219
  Cotton Scraps  26
  Jug of Water  17
  Coarse Leather  20
  Spools of Cotton Thread  5
  Gold Ore  24
  Crystalline Bottle  12
  Pouch of Brown Pigments  40
  Pouch of Red Pigments  40
  Pouch of Yellow Pigments  40
  Piles of Radiant Dust  20
  Resonating Slivers  36
  Claw  3

• Please note this item requires multiple colors of Pigments.  This is because the pigments are used in Scribing Kits and this item requires one of each
  Scribing Kit from the one before to make the needed Scribing Kit.  This process creates the tremendous need for materials; besides the fact that many
  items have higher than expected material costs.
• The example given is just that an example.  It does not mean that this is an item we will necessarily ever need to make again.  However, all of the
  other recipes have the same complexity and material need.  That nice looking “Guild Chair” is created from the Fancy Chairs before it and the Basic
  Chairs before that; many layers of crafting may go into creating one object.

Hopefully from this example you can see how material-intensive this process becomes.  Hopefully this gives you an understanding why Ankh is making callouts for materials, and hopefully this provides the understanding why this will be an ongoing request for the foreseeable future.  

Material donations will continue to change as the Scribe goes up in levels as well as what particular items are in need of being created.  As many of you know, we have been making requests for Green Wood.  This has shifted to where we are now asking for Soft Wood.  At level 211, Seasoned Wood is now becoming a needed material.  Once I reach level 400, material needs and requests will be defined by the particular Guild needs of the moment; this could be banners for Guild Missions, more Topiary Decorations for that crazy Guild Arena fight, awesome schematics for vanquishing enemies in WvW, or that greatly desired Statue of Dwayna that Myron has been so lucky to receive.  There’s a lot of fun to be had in the future.

Ankh’s Scribing Future
• The goal is level 400.  We will have a Scribe that is capable of creating anything and everything the Guild needs both aesthetically and strategically.
• The Guild Scribe is and will be able to continue to craft items to donate to the Guild Treasury for Guild upgrades.
• This is a GROUP effort!  It is quite impossible for Ankh to do this without your support.  We see the Scribe position as an extension of the Guild Upgrade
• Ankh will continue to have an ongoing call-out for materials.
• We will continue to post “some” of the most needed materials in the Guild “Message of the Day.”  
• I say “some” materials because there will always be a need for all materials.  As an example, after reaching level 400, there will still always be a need
  to create level 25 items in order to build all of the required components for a level 400 item.
• The Leads have been discussing establishing a list and amount of needed scribing materials that we would like to always have on hand.  An example of
  this idea may be to always have 8 stacks of Green Wood on hand for crafting.  In this scenario, once Ankh drops below this “8 stack threshold” we
  would likely post in the Message of the Day that we need more Green Wood.
• The effort and desire to create a collection of stockpiled materials is so Ankh can quickly respond to the Guild’s needs without immediately having to
  make a callout for materials or waste gold buying what we can otherwise passively farm as we play the game.

Closing Thoughts
Scribing is an integral part of the Guild Hall experience.  Besides being able to make needed materials for Guild Upgrades, scribing has something for everyone; decorations for the Guild, boosts for PvE, Schematics for WvW, and the ability to use decorations for creating a very unique and challenging Guild Arena for PvP.   We are at the very beginning of this journey, who knows what hidden wonders will be given to a guild in the coming months and years.  Scribing will be at the center of Ankh’s ability to create and respond to these developments.  

Please remember, Ankh does not require anyone to do anything except have fun and respect each other.  We will continue to make call-outs for materials but please remember this is without expectation.  We do expect the Guild to help with this process; to hopefully want to help because of what this unlocks for the guild. However, we don’t have a required expectation of what to donate, how much, or when.  Also, donations can be as small as a few pieces of wood.  Everything helps.  A few materials from a lot of guildies end up being a great amount of materials.   Don’t want to donate materials and/or spend time farming?  A few gold here and there is just as useful.

Ankh is no way suggesting there can’t be more Scribes.  The more the merrier. Other scribes are always greatly welcomed to create anything they feel is necessary.  However, Ankh only recognizes one Scribe as the Guild Scribe; all materials donated to Ankh for Scribing will stay with the Guild Scribe.  If they are used by other Scribes it is to the benefit of the Guild/scribing process and under the direction of the Guild Scribe.

We want to make sure this is as transparent to the Guild as possible.  Right now, I’m using pretty much everything as quickly as it is donated.  As we move forward, perhaps we’ll be able to create an updated list on the forums to show what is in our coffers.  Until then, whisper the leads and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions.

Keep your eyes open for materials to gather.  Some of us may no longer be used to being so focused on material gathering.  As you’re out there exploring the world, if you’re so inclined, try to remember to gather what’s along your route and send them along.  Everything adds up and is greatly appreciated.

Please stay tuned to the forums for further posts and ideas.  As always we welcome everyone’s input.  Please let us know what you’re thinking or wondering.  Here’s to a very interesting future full of wondrous things to be made and played with.  Huzzzah!  cheers
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Guild Scribe: just what does it mean?
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