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 No more Guild Puzzles on Fridays

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PostSubject: No more Guild Puzzles on Fridays   Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:18 pm

Hi fellow Ankhies!

I'm making this post to tell you guys I will no longer be doing Friday Guild Puzzle. DON'T PANIC! Guild Puzzle will still happen with all the other Guild Missions on Sundays!

The reason I am no longer doing this is mainly because of me being at school. Sometimes I get caught up with either school work or friends on Friday nights and can't always be in game, which is unfair for you folks. Also, it seems that when I am online not that many people are interested. So, to make it easier on all of us we'll just have guild puzzle Sunday's. I will however be bringing back my infamous JUMPING PUZZLE TOURS! Since those I can move around to my schedule and honestly, they are more fun.

I hope I don't break anyone's heart with this news, it's just what I think would be best. I'll still try to be on Friday nights and instead of doing a guild puzzle we can all listen to the radio and make fun of each other! Well that is all the news I have for now, I'll see you all in-game Smile
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No more Guild Puzzles on Fridays
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