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 WvW runs revisited

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PostSubject: WvW runs revisited   Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:39 pm

Well it has been a bit slow as we always get trampled in WvW, but anyone interested look at the following video please.  I am thinking if we can get this still working after the update we might be good to do a crazy death dealing small group zerg killer.  That means though we will need to work on it.  
in basic it is 2 staff eles, 1 thief with poisons, 1 guard for drawing aggro, and a war or other for support and keeping the backline alive.  Look and let me know, please reply below if you want to work on this.  Thanks.

Those who are running regularly, great work and keep it up, but lets see if we can flip some things around and show em what a small group can do.

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WvW runs revisited
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