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 WVW Basics

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PostSubject: WVW Basics   Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:22 pm

Good day folks,
So in the next while I hope to collect a trove of data covering the basics of WvW, just as a sort of primer for folks either getting ready to join our WvW rabble, or who want to understand more about it. Sadly there are no mounted battles on giant rabbits despite my suggestions.

For the first bit the basics are good to know. WvW is a battle between 3 servers, the winner of the battle is determined by points gained over the course of a week. Those points are gained by taking keeps, towers, supply camps and other points among 4 maps. The main map is Eternal Battlegrounds (Eb, or EBG). The 3 offshoot maps are the home maps for the servers in the current match. These 3 are the exact same but where you start from will change depending if you are in your home map or not. if you are in your home map you will spawn at a keep, it was designed by a blind gopher so can be confusing. The other teams maps if you spawn at them you will be at the South end of the map either East or West depending. Across all the maps teh core concepts are the same.

The typical system is the Zerg, a Commander runs around with a huge group, they take points using siege and engage in battles with zergs, npcs, small groups or whatever they come across. Think of a locust swarm, if the zerg is big enough it takes something major to take it down as a whole, while individual locusts may get smashed. There are small groups that run but that is a bit more advanced and not part per say of the basics. Suffice to say, folks are out there scouting or taking small things to support the zerg, and the commander. The convention for the Zerg commander on Dragonbrand is the Blue tag. You can help teh commander also bu typing out in map or team chat if you see a large group or folks about to kick you in the behind. If you are calling movement or what is happening try to be short but precise, things like "SoR zerg headed to SMC" That simply tells who a rough idea of size and where they are going. If you see a group or sea of red coming at you type out "incoming" or "inc" and try to give a direction like behind, left, right etc. It helps alert folks that the wall may have to wait, or the commander to know they might be headed to a big mess of folks.

Key things to note as it effects you, are to always grab supply, you get those at camps, keeps, and towers. Listen to what is being said, if they say "stay on Tag" it means to stack on the commanders head, leg, shoulder etc. This is so they can read your supply info and also so you get buffed as they get dropped. When the commander moves you should be as close as you can to them, zergs move fast so speed boosting skills are handy. When bashing doors etc you may see siege built, always build it from left to right. It helps keep things going smooth and if the group runs out by ram 10 it is no matter. Do not auto attack the door or wall etc unless they ask for PvD or you see the commander going crazy on it.

The biggest things are to have fun, do not get frustrated and expect that at times you may get killed. I also personally like to thank a commander who has lead a group when they get ready to leave. It can be a thankless job and folks get mad a lot at them, it is a small thing but helps to keep a good name for us with something that only takes 10 seconds to type. It goes hand in hand with that to not join in the open bashing of any commander who is trying to lead. Some folks will be learning for the first time and some may just honestly be trying to help. Either way they are using items they pay for themselves to help for the siege and spending their time. If you have a commander who is causing problems or being a troll/rude etc, just let an officer know and we will see what we can do.

Remember to have fun, and with luck and time permitting we will start testing things our and training soon.

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WVW Basics
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