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 Another Guild Labyrinth Run (Oct 30th)

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PostSubject: Another Guild Labyrinth Run (Oct 30th)   Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:44 pm

Heyo everyone!

I know lots of you are still trying to gather lots of Halloween materials for recipes, gifts, minis, cobs, etc..
I also know I have to work on the afternoon and night of the 31st, so I won't get to go out. Sad

So here's what I AM gonna do, and I want to do it with you!
I'm going to be organizing another Guild Labyrinth Run for Thursday, Oct 30th! This run will be complete with rounds of Trick-or-Treating through many doors in the Mad King's Labyrinth! There will be lots of scares, fun and candy to be had by all! I know I've been down there a lot (pretty much every day Wink), running the "labby" with a lot of you. However, I've been mostly doing it spontaneously, and some people end up missing out. So, what I'm going to try to do, is squeeze this run in on the same day we have the Guild Puzzle that Begin is hosting for the evening! I'll be starting the labyrinth run at 5:30pm EST, and finishing it up around 7:30pm EST. That way you all have some time to break before heading over to the Guild Puzzle.

Exclamation Ventrilo will not be required.
Idea However, it may come in handy for the run. So I will encourage the use of ventrilo.
Idea You don't need to talk if you do come on, you can also just use it to listen. Ventrilo is optional.

There are bound to be lots of Trick-or-Treat Bags, and lots of horrors and other things to be scared of! affraid
However, there is one really mean grumpy inhabitant living within one of the doors. He is quite strong, and quite mean. Suspect  
The evil old Lich not too happy to ever have anyone stop by and knock on his door. So we'll be avoiding him during this run. (For our safety's sake.) Cool

There's lots of Candy Corn, Nougat Centers for you candyholics (like me Razz) to Chattering Skulls and even Plastic Fangs (for those that are too hyper and don't need any more sugar bounce) out there waiting for us! What a Face
So, bring your best RAWR face, and let's go Trick-or-Treating!
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Another Guild Labyrinth Run (Oct 30th)
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