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 Dodge or Die Leveling group!

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PostSubject: Dodge or Die Leveling group!   Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:01 pm

Guildies come join the dodge or die leveling group if you have a open
Character slot or a toon you want to level under 30.
What this group is we level without armor to level 80.
Rules of the group are fairly simple.
 1 No armor (of course)
 2 No food buffs but if there is a banner  out in the world you can use.
 3 You can were Jewelry and rings
 4 no back piece.
 5 No Level books that give you a level
 6 no crafting.
And that's it.
So if you stink at dodging like myself this is a great way to learn
If you don't stink like me its still great fun.
So come Join Spruce Skaoi or THe mythical legendary Ancient cave troll
for some fun. Just lets one of know if you want to join the new way to level

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Sapling Spruce

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PostSubject: Re: Dodge or Die Leveling group!   Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:47 pm

The response we get for the other players is awesome! Even had a couple take off their armor and join in dancing, while I was waiting for the group at the end of a jumping puzzle! You will quickly get better at dodging, and moving. Which will help improve your game play!

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Dodge or Die Leveling group!
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