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 The rebirth of the tour!

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PostSubject: The rebirth of the tour!   Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:36 am

Hey all you ankhies!! I came to the realization today that I have not had one of my Jumping Puzzle Tours in a long, long time. So why not have one now!! It will be little present to you guys for being such good guildies! I'm thinking about doing this tour a type of all week long thing so we can get the most out of our jumping experience. As of right now let's shoot for the week of July 18th. Throughout this week I will be going through all (or almost all) the jumping puzzles in the game!

Now I know some of you who have never been on one of my tours might be like, "I can't jump, so I'm not going to do it". NO WORRIES! I will gladly portal anyone who wants me to through the jumping puzzles. (Hardly any jumping at all!). So you have no excuse. So throughout this weekend I'll start the puzzles at about 7est (I believe that's 10 server time. Let me make sure.)

For this tour we can do whatever jumping puzzles people want. Or we could do what I've done in that past and just do areas such as Charr, Norn, etc. and work down the list. It's all up to you guys! So just whisper me in-game at Begin Chaosborne or just leave a comment here on what you guys want to do. I hope to see TONS OF PEOPLE there to watch me fall on some occasions.
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The rebirth of the tour!
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