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 Trait Changes 4/15 Feature Pack

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PostSubject: Trait Changes 4/15 Feature Pack   Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:39 am

With the April 15th Feature Pack Several key Changes are taking place in Gw2, here's a summarized list of what you'll see change in the coming weeks

Trait Point Revamp - Significant changes to the Current way trait points work are in the works,

  • No More Manuals/ Changes to Trait Tier Levels -  You will no longer need to see an trainer and buy manuals to Unlock tier levels, instead they will be automatically available at the following levels.
    Adept - 30
    Master - 60
    Grandamaster - 80

  • Free Trait Resets Anywhere in the World - You no longer need to visit/pay a trainer to reset your trait points, instead you can move them between lines at any time, anywhere in the world, for free.

  • 16 Trait points instead of 70 - Under the new system, Starting at level 30 we recieve trait points every 5 levels. One[/u] point at a time to level 60,  and starting at 66, two with each 5 level increment.  Each of these trait points will act as 5 under the previous system, as such each point will boost the skills associated with that trait line (power, precision, etc) by 50, and unlock 1 minor/ major trait. Under this system a trait line is completed with 6 trait points.

  • Unlocking Major Traits - All major traits will be locked on any character created after the feature pack is added, and will need to be individually unlocked by using Trait Guides which can be bought from trainers or obtained by completing specific challenges to be announced with the release.

  • 40 new Major Traits Announced - each trait line for each profession will have one new grandmaster trait to unlock with the trait-unlocking system.

Images and links to come, once forum account is more than 7 days old

For more information read  read ArenaNet's official announcements regarding the feature pack at  at their side under Guildwars2 >The Game > Releases
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Trait Changes 4/15 Feature Pack
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